Impact vs Non-Impact

Save on homeowners insurance by having impact windows and doors throughout entire house. Impact windows can deter criminals from breaking into homes and offices.• When installing non-impact windows it is required that an approved shutter system is applied to be able to cover the opening during a hurricane.

• With impact windows no shutters are needed.

• With impact windows there is no putting up shutters prior to a storm also there is a cleaner look with no shutters and tracks on the outside of the house.

• Non impact windows are single pane tempered or annealed glass that can break relatively easy where as impact windows are laminated with 2 sheets of glass and a plastic coating in the middle of the 2 pieces. This increases the strength of the glass needed to withstand hurricane force conditions.

• Insulated glass is available in non-impact and impact windows and is comprised of laminated glass and safety glass with an argon gas in the middle to increase energy efficiency and decrease noise.