Custom Impact Windows & Doors in Condominium Applications

We accommodate the condominiums strict rules and regulations when replacing windows and doors. Our experience in working in high rise condominiums dates back to our inception and we are very knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that go along with working in condominiums.

Main windows in condos are single hung windows

In most cases windows need to match the rest of the building in color and style

Swing doors onto balconies offer hold open feature to keep the door open and also concealed closer that allows it to close effortlessly.

Buckley Windows has decades of experience in the Condominium market in South Florida.

When considering upgrading or developing a condominium, Residents look for beauty and safety.

We understand that developers need options, and we offer many product lines that include strength, longevity, beauty and the peace of mind that their windows and doors will be delivered accurately and on time.

In addition to guarding homes against wind-borne debris, our products protect homes from UVA damage and noise, all with beautiful designs. All of our condominium-suitable products offer continuous overall protection and meet or exceed AAMA and Miami-Dade requirements, passing the most rigorous wind and impact tests in the industry. In fact, our products lead the industry in Miami-Dade NOA’s.

Buckley Window Corp. is one of South Florida’s leader’s in distribution and applications of high quality windows and doors. Buckley Window Corp. a family owned business that has been proudly serving South Florida since 1987.

Buckley Window helps bring the world into your home while keeping the elements out. We offer products featuring the most advanced window technology that not only beautifies your home, but also protect your home and family. These innovations in window design block harmful uv rays, reduce exterior noise, block entry from intruders, and resist impact from hurricane force debris and winds, all while reducing home energy costs.